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We’re Taking Cable Access to a Whole New 21st Century Level!

Dedham Television has been entertaining the citizens of Dedham Massachusetts for decades with its great line up of original, exciting, and cutting-edge programs, specials, and events!

Here in the 21st Century Dedham TV has taken years of program production and showrunning experience to a whole new digital level!

With our new cloud-based Video-On-Demand channels: VideosNow.DedhamTV.com, MeetingVids.DedhamTV.com, and SchoolSpace.DedhamTV.com we can provide all the great programming we have to offer to viewers around the world!

Also, if you head on over to our sister website at DedhamTVLive.com you can watch the Internet Simulcasts of our real-time on-air broadcasts for all of our channels; as well as, Live-Video-Streaming of the biggest events from all over the Town of Dedham Massachusetts and beyond!

Our Internet Simulcasts and Live-Video-Streaming are brought to you by the latest in cloud-based digital media broadcast technology.

We’re Bringing the Fun — Something for Everyone!

Dedham Television offers a wide variety of entertainment programs that suit everyone’s tastes!


Psychic Voices on Dedham Television.Hosted by world-renown spiritual medium Nancy Garber, this show is one of Dedham TV’s flagship productions. Nancy takes her live-audience on a journey into the beyond, and brings back messages from the dearly-departed in often-times the most tear-inducing way!

She was voted Best in Boston from Boston Magazine, has been written up numerous times in many publications including The Boston Globe and The Improper Bostonian.

Nancy frequently features guest mediums from around the world on her show who demonstrate a remarkable array of psychic powers to reach deep into the afterlife and bring their messages back to the living!

Check out more of PSYCHIC VOICES on The Web!




Nick's Sci-Fi Corner on Dedham TelevisionA zany sci-fi/fantasy comedy, news, and talk show. Think SNL’s WAYNE’S WORLD meets MST3K (i.e. MYSTERY SCIENCE THEATER 3000), along with crazy Internet memes like Overly Attached Girlfriend and Gangnam Style!

Hosted by Nick Iandolo, the geekiest most unconventional host this side of Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Kimmel. Nick runs amuck from one sci-fi/fantasy/comics/cosplay/pop-culture genre to another at full steam and joined by the most outlandish troupe of actors along the way!

Check out more of NICK’S SCI-FI CORNER on The Web!




COOKING WITH FRAN on Dedham TV!Dedham’s own top chef, Fran Cawley takes her audience on a culinary tour of great foods locally and internationally. More than just a cooking show, Fran’s guest chefs hail from all backgrounds and ethnicities. From Italian to Chinese, Fran cooks up the most amazing dishes along with the most entertaining culinary anecdotes.

Fran’s website, Hey, Mom! What’s For Dinner? is filled with all of her delicious recipes, anecdotes from the world of cooking, and more behind-the-scenes info about the show and her guests.

Check out more of COOKING WITH FRAN on The Web!



Oneness and Wellness on Dedham TV.Dot Walsh and Marcia Reddington-Lawton co-host what is affectionately called The Good News Show. ONENESS AND WELLNESS takes a holistic approach to today’s world and deals with social issues great and small in a spiritual and healing way. Dot and Marcia look delve into all kinds of topics from animal rescue, revisiting Vietnam, Dedham’s Endicott Community Greenhouse, human trafficking, to the reestablishment of diplomatic ties between the United States and Cuba.

This show above all praises acts of kindness, altruism, healing, helping, hope, meditation, spirituality, and the overall goodness of all people regardless of ethnicity, lifestyle, and spiritual views.

With over 100 episodes and counting, ONENESS AND WELLNESS never stops to keep spreading the message of hope and healing.

Check out more of ONENESS AND WELLNESS on The Web!



Business Champions with John Pucillo on Dedham TV.John Pucillo, a highly-accomplished business executive and entrepreneur, hosts a new show for Dedham Television that profiles the most successful and most innovative businessmen and businesswomen in the Greater Boston area.

John looks at all industry professionals from restauranteurs, financiers, venture capitalists, inventors, to brewers—talking about their business leaders and personal inspirations, hard-won experiences, and visions for the future of their enterprises.

BUSINESS CHAMPIONS WITH JOHN PUCILLO gets down to the heart of the matter discussing the secrets to both business survival and success.


Zumba with Angelica on Dedham TV.Join Zumba Fitness Expert Angelica Lopez on a journey into a Latin-music-fueled dancer-cise journey into health and well-being.

Angelica loves dance, loves fitness, and loves music; therefore, what would be a more perfect form of exercise for her than the newest most popular exercise program known as Zumba!

Through her program for Dedham TV and her classes Angelica shares her fitness passion with the world in a fun, melodic, and non-stop aerobic style.

Check out more of ONENESS AND WELLNESS on The Web!



WHEELS on Dedham TV.Ronnie and Michele Brock travel across the highways and byways of America looking for unique wheels and inspiring stories.

Let the good times roll…



Hello Ladies on Dedham TV.

Liz O’Donnell hosts HELLO LADIES!

A new, half-hour lifestyle and talk show from Dedham Television focused on the lives of today’s modern women trying to juggle career, kids and so much more. Liz is a Dedham resident, and author of the book Mogul, Mom & Maid: The Balancing Act of the Modern Woman, and founder of the blog Hello Ladies.

The show features a panel of women who discuss the things women normally only share with their closest friends over a glass of wine.

Check out more of HELLO LADIES on The Web!




Front Porch Stories on Dedham TV.Take a walk with us back into the venerated past of the Town of Dedham Massachusetts (a southwestern suburb of Boston). The county seat of Norfolk County and once called The Mother of Towns as 15 of the local towns split off from Dedham including Norwood, Needham, Westwood, and Walpole. This sleepy little American hamburg has a long history of amazing people and events that helped shaped the entire Neponset Valley area and beyond. And even today, events that happen in Dedham reach well into Boston and across the nation.

A finalist in the  2014 All-American City Awards held in Denver Colorado, Dedham has a long and rich history. And who better to tell it than those who have lived a good portion of it.

Our FRONT PORCH STORIES senior panelists hail from all parts of Dedham and beyond. They tell stories great and small of the town’s past complete with vintage images, classic film footage (when possible), and popular music of the times.


Seniors on the Move on Dedham TV.Dedham TV’s Golden Girl, Marilyn Keegan, never lets a thing like age get in her way as she profiles the town’s most senior citizens who are anything but elderly!

She always has the most amazing guests on her show who may be silver on the top but are pure gold inside!

Join Marilyn as she showcases the energy, wisdom, and grace of the best of Dedham’s SENIORS ON THE MOVE up to and including their own Senior Prom!


That's Entertainment on Dedham TV.And just to prove that Marilyn Keegan is totally on the move, she hosts not one but two shows on Dedham TV!

Marilyn and her c0-host Tony Cibotti discuss the great actors/actresses, movies, and performers of the past from the Golden Age of cinema to the magnificent Broadway productions of the yesteryear.

They reminisce about the greats from Marilyn Monroe, Frank Sinatra, Judy Garland, to Elvis Presley and more!

Join Marilyn…Keegan that is… and Tony on a journey into the past masterpieces from GONE WITH THE WIND, HELLO DOLLY, to Elvis’s JAILHOUSE ROCK.


The Tony Cibotti Show on Dedham TV.Classic crooner Tony Cibotti not only muses about the great films and stage shows of the past but also sings the chestnuts from The Great American Songbook like Luck Be A Lady Tonight, I’ve Only Got Eyes For You, to You’ll Never Walk Alone, and more!

Tony’s golden tones are the stuff of legend in and around Dedham, and Dedham TV is proud to capture these priceless vocal performances for all time in glorious HD digital video!


Mrs. Pauley's Kid's Corner on Dedham TV.Claire Pauley, or Mrs. Pauley to her legions of school kids that she has taught over the years, never stops being a teach and a force for education and fun!

Join Mrs. Pauley as she continues her educational adventures from reading great kid’s books, reciting spooky poems on Halloween, celebrating the holidays in style wearing everything from antlers to American flags, singing the cutest little ditties that we all remember from childhood, and more!

And keep checking back here because we keep adding new and exciting programming all the time!