Rent Our Dedham Television Studio with Full Production Capabilities.  We provide a Quick Turn Around For You And Your Clients!

21st Century Marketing Challenges

You are here at SD but Dedham TV can get you to HD and beyond!

Go beyond the ‘Standard Definition’ of broadcast media business and enter into a whole new world of ‘High Definition’ digital traansmedia marketing and beyond with Dedham Television!

You’re in a crisis client situation and you ask yourself, “Where can I go to get a professionally produced video for TV or social media that can be turned around so quickly we will not miss a news cycle?”

Your competition already has a YouTube, Vimeo, Metacafe, or Dailymotion video-streaming channel, they are getting hundreds of thousands — perhaps millions — of pairs of eyes looking at their products or services. That’s when you ask yourself, “How do I get in on this video-streaming and marketing gold mine?”

When you Google your client’s industry, and you see their competition listed higher in the results than yours, it prompts you to ask yourself, “How did they manage to get on the first page, and why is my client on the second?”

The training video your employees just suffered through looks like a homemade YouTube video about cats. They turn to or for the knowledge you should be providing. And finally you ask yourself, “Is it time to get a new training video? One that will be concise, engaging, truly instructive, and something we might even make money off of by streaming it on Lynda?”

How do you do all of this without paying a fortune to an ad agency, video production company, or a strategic marketing consultancy?

The Answer is Clear: B2B with DTV!

Dedham TV is a great place where creative and marketing come together and thrive.

Dedham Television and Media Engagement Center is place where great minds come to create great things for all the world to see!

At a time of opportunity crisis, when you need that digital message out yesterday to go head-to-head with your competition: you and your client’s voice, marketing message, and value proposition must be heard in a clear, effective, and professional way.

Dedham Television and Media Engagement Center’s Professional Services  offer a whole host of Business-To-Business digital marketing services at exceptionally competitive rates. And having the benefit of a fully equipped film and television Studio — that happens to be the largest publicly-owned studio in New England — along with a state-of-the-art Media Engagement Center (maxed out with the latest and greatest video production and post-production equipment and software), gives us a distinctive edge above other Advertising/ Marketing/Video Production entities.

Here’s Just a Quick Look of What We Have to Offer:

  • State-of-the-art Film/TV Studio — complete with soundproof walls, rigging, a wide array of overhead lighting options, a massive green screen, and a huge loading bay that directly loads into the studio.
    Dedham TV Studio - the largest publicly-held studio in New England.

    Being ‘the largest publicly-held studio in New England’ does have its advantages!

  • Top-of-the-line Video Production Equipment — HD digital cameras, LED lights and stands, booms, jibs, lavalier & shotgun microphones, lighting panels, background panels, props, sets, etc.
  • State-of-the-art Broadcast Booth — live Internet video-streaming in High Definition (HD) quality, over-the-air and Internet simulcast broadcasting (HD available for RCN cable subscribers).
    Dedham TV's Broadcast Booth uses the latest in HD video broadcast and streaming technologies.

    We’re running Broadcast Pix, UStream, video-on-demand, HD video-streaming, and so much more! Our Broadcast Booth is a hub of broadcast and streaming digital video!

  • Latest Video Production Resources — DVD & Blu-ray authoring (with custom menus and chapter stops), digital video dubbing, and legacy video media transcoding capabilities.
  • Dedicated Function Rooms — makeup room, green room (actually blue), conference room, meditation room, and a spiritual medium consultation room (really!).
  • Lots of Space — live events and film/ TV premiere space for audiences up to 100 people — available for public and private use. Plus, live audience broadcast of events in HD over cable, Internet, and Video-On-Demand channels. And parking for over 40 vehicles.
  • Onsite Professional Post-Production — digital video post-production facility with access to HD rendering, media transcoding, and editing workstations using Final Cut Pro X, Adobe Premiere CC, Adobe After Effects CC, Adobe Photoshop CC, Adobe Audition CC, Cinema 4D, and more!
  • Professional Training Onsite — training facility for companies who need their team members to learn video production, cloud-based digital media management, video editing, social media marketing, SEO/SEM & web-building, and other professional services.

Why Choose Dedham Television?

Aside from our state-of-the-art video production and post-production Studio and Media Engagement Center, we offer the most competitive rates in the industry.

Because we are a one-stop shop for all things digital video production for film, television, webisode, commercial/ promotional, or training projects the overhead savings are passed down to you and your clients.

When you work with Dedham Television, you get the finest, most experienced videographers, editors, trainers, multi-platform broadcasters, social media and search engine marketers, and public relations and professional writers in the local Boston and New England area markets.

Dedham TV's Editing Bays at The MEC.

We’ve got all of the bells and whistles here at Dedham TV’s Media Engagement Center—create and train here!

For more information on working with Dedham Television, call Dedham TVs Executive Director, Donna Greer, directly at (781) 910-5153; or email