Video on Demand!

Dedham TV Goes VOD!

Dedham Television is once again at the forefront of 21st century cable access television & digital media with the launch of not one but three new Video-On-Demand (VOD) channels!

Just like last year’s launch of Dedham Television’s Media Engagement Center, which brought a whole new level of accessible professional video production classes to the community, the new VOD platform will be a game changer in how local original productions, news, educational, lifestyle, municipal, and many more programs are delivered to the Dedham community and the rest of the world.

This new VOD platform uses the latest in Internet cloud-based video-streaming technology, and allows Dedham TV the creative freedom to deliver its viewers all the video content they have come to know and love and in a new and exciting format!

Click on the name of your desired VOD channel to go directly there and start watching!!!

Our VOD Channels Are


VIDEOSNOW! is the online Entertainment gateway to all of your favorite Dedham Television shows!

From PSYCHIC VOICES to NICK’S SCI-FI CORNER and more, watch all the great entertainment shows on Dedham Television’s VIDEOS NOW! video-on-demand channel!

VIDEOS NOW! is the new VOD home for Dedham Television’s entertainment shows and specials. Here you will find your favorite programs such as NICK’S SCI-FI CORNER, 502 SESSIONS, COOKING WITH FRAN, PSYCHIC VOICES, ONENESS & WELLNESS, ZUMBA WITH ANGELICA, and many more! This online channel also features Town of Dedham community events such as the 2015 Dedham Flag Day Parade.

Each show is playable in full screen in high-quality video—some programs are even available in HD!

Most of the shows also contain enhanced features such as links to corresponding websites for more information. And all of them have social media components that allow viewers an opportunity to interact with the producers of the programs.

Meeting Vids§

Town meetings, municipal, and other Dedham Mass. government-related content available here VOD on MeetingVids§.

Watch the latest municipal and government meetings for the Town of Dedham Massachusetts here at Meeting Vids§ VOD!

Meeting Vids§ is the new Dedham TV Internet video streaming home covering the Town of Dedham Massachusetts’ municipal and government meetings and other important commonwealth issues that face the town. Here you will find the latest meetings for the Board of Selectmen, the School Committee, the School Board Rehabilitation Committee (SBRC), and even the informational forums on the divisive Algonquin Pipeline Project.

Furthermore, Dedham Television is also proud to be the host and sponsor/co-sponsor for major civic events such as the 2015 Board of Selectmen Election Debates, and the town election Women’s Forum 2015—both of which you can watch right now on Meeting Vids§.

As with VIDEOS NOW! programs here include additional info such as meeting agendas, web-links, and social media connectivity!

School Spaceπ

Dedham TV's School Spaceπ VOD channel covers all the great happenings at Dedham Mass' public schools.

Here at School Spaceπ you can see all the great things our wonderful kids are doing at the Dedham Public Schools!

And finally what cable access TV studio’s VOD platform would not be complete without a dedicated channel to educational programs and public school-related content? School Spaceπ is that channel.

Whether you want to see your child perform in the last school holiday special, or watch a great PSA about reading, or see a program dedicated to how Dedham’s students are making a difference both locally and globally, you can watch it all here on School Spaceπ.

Links, additional program info, and social media features are also a part of our School Spaceπ shows.

As new digital distribution technologies evolve, Dedham Television is committed to not only staying current but also pushing the boundaries of what is to come in the world of broadcast media, cable access, video production and instruction, entertainment and socially responsible programming, education, community and civic events, and so much more!