Classes at The MEC!

There’s a Class That’s Just Right for You!

Dedham Television’s Media Engagement Center offers a full range of classes covering almost every aspect of video and digital media production and broadcasting.

What are your interests?

  • Digital Camcorders, Lighting, and Sound Equipment
  • Non-linear Video Editing Software (i.e. Final Cut Pro X, Adobe Premiere CC)
  • VFX Post-Production Software
  • Screenwriting
  • Show-Producing
  • Music Show Producing
  • Kid’s Introduction to Digital Media

Whatever it is, Dedham TV can help you explore it at The MEC!

We offer both classroom and private instruction.

Contact our Director of Training, Dan Hallissey at: to learn more or to sign up for one of our great classes.

Click on each class title, or use the sub-menus above under The MEC, to learn more about each class and the next upcoming class dates.

From Scene to Screen (Fall 2015) – Taught by our Director of IT, Operations, and Training, Dan Hallissey, this class is a 7-week masterclass on video production from cameras and lighting to non-linear editing and post-production software.

Write that Screenplay! (Winter 2015/2016) – Taught by our Director of Public Relations, Nick Iandolo, this class is a 4-week instructional workshop on the fundamentals of screenwriting, from story development, screenplay formatting, to pitching screenplays in a difficult market to break into.

Be Your Own Producer (Spring 2016)Nick Iandolo, Producer and Host of Dedham TV’s NICK’S SCI-FI CORNER, also teaches a comprehensive course on being a one-stop shop TV/webisode producer and show-runner. He covers everything from script breakdowns, budgeting, props and sets, casting, video distribution, legal considerations, and more.

The Art of the Music Show (Spring 2016) – Producer and Host of Dedham TV’s 502 SESSIONS, Brian Kerby, offers this unique class on how to produce a music show from a live performance, recorded holiday revelers, to ensemble stage productions.

Dedham TV’s Summer Camps (Summer 2016) – Think you might have the next Steven Spielberg, Kathryn Bigelow, or Steve McQueen on your hands (i.e. one of  your kids)? Then sign them up for the kid-sized version of our video production masterclass and let them explore their cinematic talents!

If you want to create your next Hollywood-style production without the Hollywood hassle or years in film school, then start at Dedham Television and Media Engagement Center. It’s a creative investment for so little cost with a huge ROI in pride and accomplishment!