The Media Engagement Center is a State-of-the-Art Video Production, Editing, and Training Institute!

Our Brand New Dedham TV & Media Engagement Center Sign!

Our Brand New Dedham TV & Media Engagement Center Sign Welcomes All Guests and Friends of Dedham Television!

Open on May 21st, 2014, Dedham Television’s Media Engagement Center (The MEC for short) was a big hit with the community of Dedham Massachusetts.

Dedham Television has a long history of holding classes on video production, editing, cameras and equipment, digital media technologies, show-producing, show-running, and much more.

Even when Dedham TV had its small studio on Eastern Ave, we still offered classes but after our move to The 502 Sprague Street Studio in August of 2012, we gained a huge new facility for not only producing and broadcasting shows but holding larger classes. However, we still lacked a real training center with the latest high-powered video editing workstation bays, a large format WiFi-enabled projector screen, and lots of classroom space to teach even more students including children for our now highly-acclaimed Summer Camp for KIDS!

Originally, the space where The MEC is now was a library for film and videotape storage back in the 1970s when Videocom was the chief tenant for The 502 Sprague Street Studio.

Later, after Videocom relocated its operations to Brazil, the library at The Studio was turned into a rather unflattering storage space (see pictures below).

The Storage Library - Before Becoming The MEC

The Storage Library in the process of being cleared out before becoming The MEC.

Then shortly after Dedham Television took up residence at The Studio, our Executive Director, Donna Greer (an Emmy award-winning producer with years of TV broadcasting experience) had a vision for a brand new video production and media arts training classroom on-site that she then called The Media Engagement Center.

Our Board of Directors was quick to approve such a great idea, and hence construction began in early 2014 to clear out the old storage room, and renovate it to the beautiful classroom and training facility that it is today!

The MEC’s opening was a wonderful event that showcased all of our new equipment, training programs, and the amazingly talented people involved in making it happen.  Thanks to The 502 Sprague Street Studio building owners Mr. and Mrs. Richard Cimeno, and to our DVAC Board of Directors, headed by Board Chair Marie-Louise Kehoe.

We also had a few surprises like our new flying camera drone that Dan demonstrated for our guests!

Check it out!

Yep! That’s how we roll, or fly, here at Dedham TV!

“We have so much to offer the community of Dedham. TV & digital video broadcasting that it only made sense to build a media engagement center where people can come, use our equipment, and learn how to tell their stories visually.”

~Donna Greer, Executive Director for Dedham Television

From Storage Room to Media Engagement Center

It’s hard to believe that our beautiful Media Engagement Center was once a nondescript storage room (see above). But after several months of renovation, a true state-of-the-art digital media classroom was born. The physical space is really just part of The MEC. The entire 502 Sprague Street Studio and all of its resources, instructors, and more comprise the entity that is our Media Engagement Center.   Our classroom is pretty amazing!

Dedham TV's Editing Bays at The MEC.

We’ve got all of the bells and whistles here at Dedham TV’s Media Engagement Center—create and train here!

It features:

  • State-of-the-art Video Editing Bays fully loaded with all the latest non-linear digital video editing and post-production software from Final Cut Pro X, Adobe After Effects CC, and a lot more!
  • Large format digital projector screen for class presentations, instruction, software demonstrations, etc.
  • Classroom seating for up to 30 students at a time.
  • Wall-sized blue screen background (with lighting options) and a blue platform for smaller, more intimate VFX/chroma-key video shoots that do not require the massive green screen down in The Studio.
  • High-speed WiFi Internet access.
  • Students also have access to the main studio downstairs as part of their class programs.
  • Day and evening classes are available with parking up to 40 vehicles.
  • Private instruction at The MEC is also available—contact our Director of Training for information and rates.
  • Use of The MEC resources for private projects such as educational videos or public interest projects is also available—contact our Executive Director for more information.

Furthermore, as part of our B2B with DTV! (i.e. Business-to-Business) strategic marketing initiative, The MEC and all of its resources come as part of any professional video production project with businesses and organizations.

For example: if your business (local or national) is looking to shot a commercial for a product or service in the Boston area, you can use our massive studio/sound stage, and then edit the footage and professionally post-produce it here at The MEC.

What do we mean by post-produce? Any thing from adding music and sound effects, VFX, or layering additional footage (from multi-camera shoots) to your production, or encoding the finished video for any number of distribution options from DVD to Internet video streaming sites like YouTube or Vimeo, and duplicating hard copies of your video on DVD or SSD (solid state drives like flash drives).

Contact or Executive Director for information and rates.

Whatever your need is, we can handle it or, work with you to handle it at The MEC!

Classes at The MEC

We offer a great selection of  classes for members and non-members of Dedham Television, the community, and kids alike!

A wall-mounted infographic depicting the past, present, and future of broadcast media at The MEC.

A wall-mounted infographic depicting the past, present, and future of broadcast media. Dedham Television and Media Engagement Center is always pushing towards a great new digital future!

Click on each class title to learn more, or use the sub-menus above under The MEC.

From Scene to Screen – Taught by our Director of IT, Operations, and Training, Dan Hallissey, this class is a 7-week masterclass on video production from cameras and lighting to non-linear editing and post-production software

The Art of the Music Show – Producer and Host of Dedham TV’s 502 SESSIONS, Brian Kerby, offers this unique class on how to produce a music show from a live performance, recorded holiday revelers, to ensemble stage productions.

Dedham TV’s Summer Clubs – Great Classes for KIDS! Think you might have the next Steven Spielberg, Kathryn Bigelow, or Steve McQueen on your hands? Then sign them up for the kid-sized version of our video production masterclass, also taught by Dan Hallissey, and let them explore their cinematic talents!

If you want to create your next Hollywood-style production without the Hollywood hassle or spend years in film school, then start at Dedham Television and Media Engagement Center. It’s a creative investment for so little cost with a huge ROI in pride and accomplishment!

Click on the gallery images below to see more of The MEC!