An Award-Winning Team!

Dedham Television is home to some exceptionally talented people in the fields of broadcast media, business and strategic marketing and management, film and television arts, digital media and graphic design, professional musicianship, screen and professional writing, show producing, show hosting, production crew management, equipment and stage management, production design, training and instruction, internships, and a host of industries and professional associations who make Dedham TV a magical place to work, bringing its viewers the finest in cable access entertainment, municipal, and educational programming!

Starting at the top with our Emmy award-winning Executive Director, Donna Greer, who leads the whole team with a combination of limitless expertise, boundless energy, with amazing compassion and humor; she sets the example by which the whole staff proudly follows.

Meet The A-Team!

Donna Greer – Executive Director

Donna Greer, Dedham TV's Executive Director.

Donna Greer—Emmy award-winner and Dedham Televsion’s Executive Director.

A media and communications strategist with over 30 years experience in broadcast and print media, Donna Greer has been a Dedham resident since 1994. Donna has combined experience in television production, public relations and media planning.

A television Emmy award-winner for her work on WBZ’s People are Talking, she also ran her own media agency – JKI Media Strategies. At JKI, Donna successfully focused on getting local and national media coverage for entrepreneurs and smaller businesses.

Donna returned to WBZ-TV in 2004 as the Senior Producer of Sunday with Liz Walker. For four years, she was a Senior Producer of Better Living with Liz Walker; a special series airing on WCVB-TV Channel 5, Boston.

Donna holds a BA from Vassar College and has a Master of Science in Journalism from the Medill School at Northwestern University.

Donna runs a tight, fun, and exciting ship at Dedham TV and for DVAC‘s multi-tiered digital media holdings. Her creative leadership, open-minded vision, and genuine concern for the well-being of her staff, associates, and friends of Dedham Television has earned her great respect in the broadcast community, the Town of Dedham Massachusetts, and nationally. She also greatly values the contributions from her team members, inspiring them to exceed expectations and reach higher.


Phone: (781) 910-5153

Dan Hallissey – Director of IT, Operations, and Training

Dan Hallissey, Dedham TV's Director of IT, Operations, and Training.

Dan Hallissey—award-winning videographer and Dedham Television’s Director of IT, Operations, and Training.

Award-winning cinematographer, photographer, aviator and musician, Irish born Dan Hallissey has been a resident of Dedham since 2001.

With degrees in both Electrical Engineering and Electronics Design, Dan has always been interested in technology and has acquired a unique skill set over the years in areas of radio, television and computer media. He regularly presents seminars and lectures on many aspects of technology and currently heads up the training facility at Dedham TV’s Media Engagement Center.

Two of his most popular classes are the Dedham TV Summer Club for kids, and the From Scene to Screen video production evening masterclass for adults.

As Director of IT, Operations and Training for DVAC’s many digital media properties, Dan expertly manages all of the technical ins and outs of the studio and trans-digital broadcasting systems. He creatively finds out-the-box solutions on-the-fly to any glitches that can and invariably do arise in this business—so seamlessly that no one ever notices! Furthermore, Dan’s overall vision for constantly implementing, improving, upgrading, and exploring new broadcast and digital media territories here at Dedham TV has earned him many accolades among his peers and colleagues—including those at the National Association Of Broadcasters (NAB) and the New England Professional Videographers Association.

Dan directs and produces many of the programming currently seen on DVAC’s Dedham TV network, and is also the Director of DVAC’s programming on the educational channel for the Dedham Public and Elementary Schools.

He also travels extensively throughout the world and in 2012, he worked on various photographic and film projects in Russia, Ireland, India and Haiti.

Dan also runs his own media production company called Avendes and is well known and respected within the Irish community throughout Boston and surrounding areas. An avid pilot, Dan has been flying since 1989 and enjoys doing aerial photography and filming for his various clients throughout the East coast.


Phone: (617) 388-3987

Brian Kerby – Producer, Writer, Director, Editor, and Host

Brian Kerby, Dedham TV's resident Producer, Writer, Director, and Editor.

Brian Kerby—cable Emmy nominated Producer, Professional Musician, Writer, Director, Host, and Editor at Dedham Television.

A Dedham resident since 1992, Brian Kerby joined Dedham TV in 2014. A versatile musician and private lesson teacher who holds a Bachelor of Music in Jazz and Contemporary Music, a Master’s Degree in Music Performance, and a Master of Guitar Certificate from Berklee College of Music, Brian has been performing and teaching music for 24+ years. He started writing and producing independent videos in 2005.

A graduate of Dedham TV’s Dan Hallissey’s From Scene to Screen class of 2014, Brian’s first production filmed in cooperation with Dedham TV was Magic Christmas Elf: The Journey Home. Brian currently produces and hosts Dedham TV’s original music show 502Sessions, and he works on several other shows as well, directing, filming, and editing. He was instrumental in helping DVAC/Dedham TV achieve its first ever Emmy nomination, which was for the original song Kissing Presents Goodbye. Brian co-wrote Kissing Presents Goodbye with his wife Terry, and he filmed and produced it as a feature segment for the 2014 Dedham TV Holiday Harvest Telethon.

In addition to production, Brian displays a set of organizational skills that were hitherto unknown at Dedham TV. In his own words: “When I first arrived at Dedham TV, I couldn’t help but notice that the snack bars, that is, the granola bars, protein bars, cereal bars etc., were misfiled on the shelves in the break room. Some boxes had the nutrition label side facing out, and some boxes had the picture of contents side facing out. I immediately set to work and positioned all the boxes so the picture of contents side of the boxes were facing out.” According to Dedham TV’s Director of Operations and Technology Dan Hallissey “I can honestly say that that is some of Brian’s finest work.”

Brian is described by those who know him as “droll”, “oddly amusing”, and “an enigmatic intelligence”, who has a personality that is “caustic” and “offensive” with the “ability to bring any conversation down to its lowest level”. Combine those attributes with his attitude that nothing is sacred or above critical inquiry, and Brian brings a unique and welcome dimension to Dedham TV.


Phone: (781) 326-2107


Dennis Sullivan is Dedham TV’s broadcast production manager and special events programming director.

Dennis Sullivan – Government Channel Broadcast Manager; Director of Special Events Programming

Dennis Sullivan is a longtime Dedham resident. A 2005 graduate of Dedham High School, Dennis began working at Dedham TV as a volunteer in 2011, while at our old location. Dennis proved himself to be a quick learner, dependable–all-in- all, a great addition to our staff.

Dennis was instrumental in the move to our great facility at 502 Sprague and became a freelancer. He added covering town events, sports and other Dedham happenings to his duties.

After years of working Town and Government meetings for Dedham TV in a part-time capacity, Dennis was hired to a full-time position in 2016 . Dennis’ duties have expanded to Government Channel Broadcast Manager and Director of Special Events Programming.

Contact Dennis at