Digital Visionary Access Corporation (DVAC)

Digital Visionary Access Corporation - DVAC - A 21st Century Transmedia Organization

A 21st Century Transmedia Organization

A Brief History

As the 21st Century progresses, so does DVAC (formerly known as Dedham Visionary Access Corporation), we have completely rebranded and reimagined ourselves to include: 2 new dynamic multi-media websites; a 3-channel Video-On-Demand platform; digital video streaming channels; integrated media from print, broadcast, to social networks; new logos, signage, and marketing collateral; new B2B/C strategic marketing initiatives, and has renamed the organization to Digital Visionary Access Corporation.

DVAC was originally formed in the 1980s to provide a “PEG” (Public, Educational, and Government) channel for the Town of Dedham. A PEG center is a combination school and equipment library where individuals are trained how to use TV production equipment, how to make TV shows, and then are provided the free use of equipment and cable channel time to produce and air their shows. DVAC’s access center is funded by a small cable license fee of the local cable company’s revenues that pay for facility upkeep, utilities, and full-time staff. The staff manages the public resources, trains people in TV production skills, and facilitates the telecast of programs on the local channels.

In its initial years, DVAC operated primarily as more of an arts or cultural council, with donations being made to various artists, schools and organizations. For example, DVAC made grants to Dedham High School for the purchase of items, which provided access to video equipment and distribution of video programming.

DVAC’s digital eco-system of the 2010s and beyond covers a huge range of media productions, special interests, lifestyle spaces, film/TV/broadcast training, and more! Everything in the areas of health & wellness, culinary arts, spiritual counseling, politics, cultural/musical, financial/business, ecological, non-profit, municipal, to educational are a part of what we digitally produce for our viewership, the local communities, and business/channel partners.

Board of Directors

  • Marie-Louise Kehoe — President
  • Dot Walsh — Vice President
  • Thomas Clinton — Treasurer
  • Lisa Moran — Secretary

Mission Statement

DVAC’s mission statement is to “stimulate a vibrant community reaching and connecting the organizations, neighborhoods, families and individuals of all ages to tell Dedham’s many stories- past, present and future. By using media and technology, DVAC fosters meaningful and relevant projects to spark curiosity, nurture creativity and innovation, and fuel life long learning. We facilitate this mission by providing grants, guidance and support resources to impact the quality of life in Dedham.”